After Sanima Bank decided to appoint Mr. Nischal Raj Pandey as the Chief Executive Officer, it has suggested Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tej Bahadur Chand to take voluntary retirement.


He is also the ‘second man’ after Chief Executive Officer Mr. Bhuvan Dahal. Mr. Pandey is ranked third, who has been made the Deputy Chief Executive Officer after Mr. Chand by the bank. Also, Board has decided to make him the Chief Executive Officer from Magh 12 after Dahal retires on Magh 11.


The board does not want to make Mr. Chand, a Chief Executive Officer. The board of directors has requested Mr. Chand to take voluntary retirement. According to sources, he was asked to retire with Rs 1.5 crore as a VRS. He is also proposed to be a member of the board of directors.


According to sources, Mr. Chand has two years left to retire. So he has shown reluctance to be a director.  Mr. Dahal is currently reporting to the board of directors and department heads have started reporting to Mr. Pandey.