Citizens Bank is equaring the Srijana Finance.


Citizens Bank and Srijana Finance’s special general meeting has started today on Thursday (Jestha 27).

In which general meeting of Citizens Bank was started from 9 am in held office through a webinar. Similarly, Srijana finance meeting has also started at 9 am in head office Biratnagar through a webinar.



Mainly, both of them are presenting the acquisition agenda in the meeting. The work of completing an excavation process based on assets and responsibilities evacuation report, the action to support the final approval of Swap Ratio of 1:0.95



Therefore, the 100 shares of Srijana Finance will now be in the name of Citizens Bank 95. The general meeting will also approve of the award related agreement.


The directors’ committee will be submitted to authority to the directive of the network and regulations to revive the management and regulations after the award will be changed after the award change.


After the acquisition, all the transactions will be done from the name of Citizens Bank.