Tehrathum Power Company has received permission from the Securities Board of Security Board (SEBON) for the issuance of IPO’s amounting Rs 12 Crore. The company is allowed to issue at Rs 100 per lot of total Rs 12 Lakh IPO. The company has asked permission to issue IPO’s for local and the general public at the same time. The IPO’s project will be sold to the local and general public.


NIBL Ace Capital appointed as the Sale Manager of Tehrathum Power Company. The Rating Agency Nepal has given the grade 4 plus rates of this company. The total cost of this hydropower project has been Rs. 1 Arab 37 Crore rupees.


Its per-unit megawatt cost is Rs. 18 Crore 30 Lakh. The amount received from the IPO would be used by Tehrathum Power Company to construct the upper Kheruna small hydropower. Tehrathum Power Company is a Hydropower company established in 2009. Currently, its paid-off capital is Rs 28 crore. After the IPO’s it will reach the capital of Rs 40 crore.