Biratnagar, The Province 1 government is preparing to bring the budget for the coming fiscal year by giving priority to the health sector. Preparations have been made to bring budget for the Fiscal Year 2078/79 by giving priority to the health sector.


There is a compulsory provision to submit the budget on Ashad 1 in the Province. A budget session has been called from Monday to discuss the budget.


According to Tanka Angbuhang, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of the Province 1, Rs 33 Arab will be brought by giving priority to the health sector.


“The deficit budget for the current fiscal year has been presented. The budget for the coming year will come according to the capacity of the state,” he said. “We are preparing. The size of the budget will be Rs 32-33 Arab.”


He said that while the budget was being prepared, the staff of the ministry had some problems due to Corona infection.


The Province 1 government had presented a budget of Rs. 40 Arab 89 Crore for the current fiscal year. However, he said that the budget would be in deficit of more than Rs 4 Arab due to non-receipt of grant from the Central government.


He said the size of the budget would be reduced as the state’s source of income shrunk due to the Corona epidemic. He said that the new ambitious plan will not be completed in the coming fiscal year.


The Province government, which has brought a budget of Rs 40 Arab for the current fiscal year, had brought a budget of Rs 42 Arab 20 Crore for the fiscal year 2076/77.


It show that the Province government is decreasing the total volume of budget annually.