Kathmandu, Today the process of buying and selling shares continues to pick up. Although the NEPSE indicator looks a bit volatile, the trading volume is very encouraging and shows inverters are positive on trading.

Analysts say the ever-increasing trading volume indicates that the market will expand further in the long run. The season has started in the share market.

The period from Jestha to Bhadra is considered as the major season in the stock market. With the start of the season, there has been a huge increase in the buying and selling amount.

On Monday, the NEPSE index looked somewhat volatile. The indicator is gradually turning green and red.

Investors should be able to invest by choosing companies with strong financial indicators.

Patience is an equally important aspect for general investors. It is also natural for some corrections to come in the growing market. 

Currently, the NEPSE index has dropped by more than 8 points.