The Himalayan Reinsurance is registered at the Office of the Registrar’s. As a new reinsurance company, Himalayan Reinsurance was registered at the office of the Company Registrar’s office on Jestha 23.


The Insurance Board (Beema Samiti) provided licenses as a new reinsurance company on Jestha 17. The company registered at the Office of the Company Registrar within a week as it has been made to register a business operating permission from the board.


Preparations for the company registration at the Company Registrar’s office have been made on a fast track.


For a new reinsurance company, Prudential Reinsurance, Kathmandu Reinsurance, Genuine Reinsurance, and Annapurna Reinsurance have submitted the proposal. Among them, Himalayan Reinsurance has obtained the license.


As a reinsurance company, Nepal Reinsurance company is only in operation. After the Himalayan Reinsurance flourished from the private, the two reinsurance companies in Nepal.