Nepal Rastra Bank has made public the report on the recent economic situation of the country. According to a report released by the Nepal Rastra Bank on Monday, inflation based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) stood at 3.56 percent on an annual basis.


Imports increased by 22.3 percent and exports by 32.2 percent. Remittance inflows increased by 19.2 percent in Nepali Rupees and 16.1 percent in US Dollars. The balance of payment is in surplus of Rs. 7 Arab 75 Crore. Total foreign exchange reserves stood at 11 Arab 87 Crore. The federal government’s expenditure is Rs. 824 Arab 81 Crore and revenue mobilization are Rs. 761 Arab. Broad money supply increased by 15.4 percent.



On a year-on-year basis, such money supply increased by 23.4 percent. Deposits of banks and financial institutions increased by 14.3 percent and claims by the private sector increased by 23.6 percent. On an annual basis, the growth rate of deposits was 22.2 percent and the growth rate of claims against the private sector was 23.1 percent.