Kathmandu; The stock market set another record on Sunday. The share purchase and sale amount have reached a new record in the history of Nepal Share market. The purchase and sale amount has reached more than Rs 17 Arab. It can be estimated that there is a lot of attraction of general investors in the market due to the continuous high volume of transactions. The NEPSE index has also increased by double digits. Development banks and finance groups have seen significant growth.


The commercial bank group has also been positive. Investors are being attracted to the share market from home and abroad. Due to the online system, it has become possible to create such an environment in buying and selling. Because not only Nepalis from all over the country but also Nepal is living abroad can easily buy and sell shares and send money to brokers.



The general investors have benefited from this development and expansion in technology. Technology has been cited as one of the main reasons for the huge increase in sales volume. However, there are still many problems with technology. There is an urgent need to improve it. After the budget, there was widespread interest in the market. Because there are two provisions in the budget about capital gains tax.


The budget has divided investors into short-term and long-term investors. Accordingly, the profit tax has also been differentiated. This provision will be implemented from Shrawan. In this regard, investors had different understandings and perceptions, which was the general sentiment to win the market. But the market has turned this interest and concern of the general investor into a positive momentum.



Our market as a whole is on a bull run. Every day new investors are entering the market. The general public is also attracted to the stock market due to easy liquidity, cheap interest rates, and other areas of investment. Whether the market rises or falls, the average investor should always invest in companies with strong financial indicators.


One should never forget to take care of the important aspects such as the profit of the affiliated company, dividend distribution capacity, business expansion potential. It can be even more useful to plan in advance about the percentage of profit you are looking for, the risk-bearing capacity and the time period to invest.


National Hydropower is in the forefront in terms of purchase and sale amount with more than Rs 47 Crore 40 Lakh. Arun Kabeli and United Modi Hydropower are in second and third place respectively. The price of 17 companies has increased from more than 9% to the level of circuit breaker. More than 4 Crore 26 Lakh shares of 219 companies have been traded. The NEPSE index has increased by 12.54 points and reached 2827.93 points.