Kadamadu: The IPO of CEDB Hydropower Development Company has been allotted on Friday. Sales manager Sunrise Capital has distributed the IPO through virtual means. Of these, 234,195 applicants have received shares at the rate of 10 lots through round-robin. After the distribution, the remaining 4 lots of shares have been added at the rate of 1-1 lots to the 4 people who have applied for more than 10 lots.


Therefore, 4 investors have received 11 lots of shares. A total of 1,685,627 eligible applicants who had applied for IPO were made to participate in the round. The applications of 4,442 applicants were disqualified. The results of the IPO can be viewed from sales manager Sunrise Capital’s website and MyShare account. Also, the results can be viewed from iporesult.cdsc.com.np, a website created by CDS & Clearing to view IPO results.


CEDB had opened a total of 25 lakh 18 thousand 230 lots of IPO sale from April 3 to April 6. Out of which, the company had allotted 25 or 50 thousand 365 shares to the employees and 1 lakh 25 thousand 911 shares to the mutual fund. The general public was allowed to apply for the remaining 2.341 million 954 shares.