The IPO sold by Chandragiri Hills Limited to the public has been distributed. A total of 139,602 IPO applicants have received 10 lots of shares, of which 2 lucky ones have received 11 lots of shares.


A total of 12 Lakh 16 thousand 953 people have applied for the company’s IPO, according to Global IME Capital. Out of them, 5 thousand 838 applications have been rejected and 12 lakh 11 thousand 115 eligible applications have been approved.




As more applications were received than the demand, only 139,600 out of the eligible applicants have received shares at the rate of 10 lots. The remaining 10,71,515 people have been vacated.


The company had sold a total of 15,34,000  shares at a face value of Rs 100 per share since January 8. Out of that, 4 percent or 61 thousand 364 shares have been allotted to the employees of the company and 5 percent or 76 thousand 705 shares have been allotted to the collective investment fund. The remaining 1396000 million shares have been distributed to the public.