How to prepare for NRB exam through self-study?



Are you willing to prepare for the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) exam? Most of the candidates dream about NRB jobs but none of them can pass this exam.


There is a question; WHY????

Why are you not able to pass all level of exams? The main reason is lack of proper guidance. Yes, many of you don’t know how to pass the NRB exam through self-study.


Then don’t worry; this article is of course for you. This article is also beneficial for those students who are thinking about how to prepare for the Lok Sewa Aayog exam, how to pass the other bank exam, and how to pass the TSC exam from home.


If you are serious about passing the NRB exam then this lockdown period is beneficial for you.





Nepal Rastra Bank is the central bank of Nepal. Nepal Rastra Bank Exam is one of the most competitive and attractive banking jobs among the entire government job. NRB pay high remuneration and allowances with best employees’ facilities to their staffs. Thus, NRB exam is very tough for all. In this bank, very qualified candidates are being selected.


Most of the cases, Nepal Rastra Bank examinations are conducted across the country for time to time to select candidates interested in banking jobs. Interested candidates who want to pursue a career in the NRB, they can achieve success by joining this competitive examination conducted by the Lok Sewa Aayog (People Service Commission) through their hard & smart work.


The candidates’, who are preparing for these exams, need to focus completely on the preparation strategy for NRB exams, as the level of examinations is getting harder and harder year by year. Exam pattern is changing every year, so preparing for examinations is proving to be a new challenge for the candidates.


Candidates should start preparing for the exam from the moment they fill the application form for the relevant post. Most of the candidates are starting to prepare before the vacancy announcement.


Many of them are preparing for more than a year. Some are taking coaching class from different institutes, some are preparing by giving full time on self-study.


These candidates should have a thorough understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern from the time of preparation for the banking examination and then prepare the exam module for study. 


Many candidates study in their homes and prepare for their exams. By the way, candidates have a lot of options to prepare for the exam from home, so that they can bring good marks in the exam. The most important fact is that; candidates must give full dedication and efforts so that Impossible also can say I’m Possible.





Through this article, we are trying to tell you in a planned way how you can better prepare for the exam from home. Following are the tips for how to prepare better through self-study:- 


  • Understand the exam pattern and syllabus: Before starting the NRB examination, candidates should study in-depth about the syllabus. Similarly, the candidate should know about what can come in the exam and evaluate various questions and problems. The exam pattern must be understood better because different exam pattern is prescribed for different posts by the Lok Sewa.
  • Properly divide time for your daily preparation: Any candidate who prepares himself for the examinations should first prepare a time table of his regular study. The paper in which they are weak should be emphasized and appropriate division of time should be done accordingly so that they will be able to prepare themselves better for the exam. Apart from this, the candidate should also divide the time for the preparation of the entire paper and emphasize on every paper, because to score in the high marks, almost the same number is required (90+) in every paper which leads the candidate in the recruitment process.
  • Information should also be collected through competitive books and online resources: Thousands of types of educational material are available in online media for interested candidates. Candidates can visit some websites dedicated to preparing for competitive exam and download the study material available there. Apart from websites, Facebook groups are also available through which candidates can get important question, sample question paper and questions from previous years. Candidates can prepare questions through ideas and solve related questions through competitive books written by industry professionals.
  • Always keep a stopwatch with you: Candidates who are going through a tough preparation and working hard for the NRB exams; should understand that the time factor plays an important role in their success. The candidates should prepare for the exam with a stopwatch and see how much time they take to solve the number of fixed questions of a paper. Candidates should try to make the best use of their time so that they can practice regularly and try to solve important questions by setting a time. This will help the candidates while giving the exam and their morale will be high.
  •  Master the tricks and methods for some papers: For Quantitative ability, Verbal & Non-Verbal reasoning, Aptitude and Logical reasoning in exam, candidates should master tricks, methods and strategies. By learning these measures, the candidates will be able to solve the given questions quickly and the candidate will have the chance that they will be able to solve all the questions easily in the given period. These tricks can be obtained through various competitive and exam related books and online sources.



Conclusion: On one hand, while thousands of candidates are going to coaching institutes for preparing for NRB exams, on the other hand, many candidates prepare for NRB examinations from their home. Moreover, they can also prepare by taking the tutorial class from youtube. There are many videos which are available on youtube for Verbal & Non-Verbal, logical reasoning question etc.



Besides, you can also get knowledge about time management, exam preparation tips, and many more useful videos on Youtube for your exam preparation.





Preparing from home can be challenging, but by theses some suggestions, candidates can get successful by doing a self-study.