-Hamro Banking

Kathmandu; Nepal Bangladesh Bank has launched the new home loan product at a fixed interest rate of 9.99% up to 5 years. It is the only bank which is offering a fixed interest rate up to 5 years. Nepal Bangladesh Bank is offering this home loan which is easily available to all the Nepalese citizens from its all branches. By considering the current COVID-19 pandemic; Bank launched this easy home loan to fulfill the housing dreams of every Nepalese citizen.


Bank is offering this loan to construct the building, buy a land, buy a ready-built house & apartments, and also for renovation and extension of a building. Moreover, the bank is offering refinance facility for those people who want to swap the loan from other BFI’s due to high-interest rate and interest fluctuation time to time.


This loan is starting from 15 Lakh to 1 crore 50 Lakh for maximum tenure of 25 years. The bank has been providing banking the facility from 98 branches, 7 extension counters, and 80 ATMs.