-Hamro Banking
Nabil Bank Limited (NABIL) has published its third-quarter financial statements for the current financial year. As per the details, the annual profit of the bank has decreased while the quarterly profit has increased.
That is, the bank has earned a net profit of Rs 3.19 Arab as of third quarter of last year and Rs 3.15 Arab in the same period of the current fiscal year. However, the bank has earned Rs 1.11 Arab in the same quarter of the current fiscal year as compared to Rs 1.1 Arab in the third quarter of the last fiscal year. The decline in the bank’s net profit in the second quarter still has an impact on annual profits.
With a paid-up capital of Rs 10.09 Arab, the bank has a reserve fund of Rs 12.76 Arab and a shareholder fund of Rs 2.9 Arab. As of last quarter in last year, the bank had accumulated Rs 10.44 Arab in the reserve fund. During the review period, the bank’s earnings per share declined from Rs 47.69 to Rs 45.74.


The bank, which had collected Rs 1.62 Kharab in deposits till last quarter in last year, has collected Rs 1.71 Kharab in deposits till the third quarter of the current fiscal year. Similarly, the bank’s credit investment has increased from Rs 1.27 Kharab to Rs 1.49 Kharab.
The bank has earned net interest income of Rs 5.37 Arab as of third quarter. This is Rs 3.95 Crore less than the same period last year. The bank’s operating profit declined by Rs 40.13 Lakh to Rs 4.50 Arab during the review period.
The bank’s non-performing loans fell to 0.63 percent from 0.64 percent during the review period. Similarly, the base rate of the bank fell to 7.82 percent from 7.99 percent during the review period and the spread rate rose to 5.34 percent from 4.63 percent.