-Hamro Banking
Century Commercial Bank Limited (CCBL) has published its financial statements for the third quarter of the current fiscal year. As per the details, the bank has earned a net profit of Rs 91 Crore 57 Lakh during the period.
This is an increase of Rs. 30 Crore 51 Lakh or 49.95 percent over the same period last year. The bank had earned a net profit of Rs 61 Crore 6 Lakh in the corresponding period last year.
Along with the increase in net interest income and operating profit, the net profit of the bank has also increased.
The bank has earned net interest income of Rs 2 Arab 25 Crore and operating profit of Rs 1 Arab 26 Crore during the period. The bank’s net interest income is Rs. 27 Crore 98 Lakh more than the same period last year. Similarly, the operating profit of the bank has increased by Rs. 39 Crore 58 Lakh.
Along with net profit, the bank’s earnings per share (EPS) has also increased. EPS income of the bank, which was Rs 9.87 in mid-April last year, has increased to Rs 14.51 in the same period of the current fiscal year.
With a paid-up capital of Rs 8 Arab 41 Crore, the bank has a reserve fund of Rs 1 Arab 79 Crore 91 Lakh, a shareholder fund of Rs 66 Crore 79 Lakh and a share premium of Rs 3 Crore 43 Lakh. The distributable profit of the bank is Rs. 13 Crore 41 million.
The price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of the bank is 10.96 times and the net worth per share is Rs 129.72.