Kathmandu, Nepalese currency has become the weakest in history. As the Indian rupee weakens, the exchange rate of the US Dollar has become the most expensive ever in Nepal.

Open Market Exchange Rates
(For the purpose of Nepal Rastra Bank)
Currency Unit Buying/Rs. Selling/Rs.
  U.S. Dollar
According to the Foreign Exchange Rate issued by Nepal Rastra Bank on Thursday, Nepalese will have to pay Rs. 122.50 to buy 1 dollar(USD) from the central bank. Nepal Rastra Bank will spend Rs. 121.90 to buy 1 dollar(USD).
Nepalese currency is devaluating for the last time. Indian currency is also weakening in recent times due to corona virus effects. Yesterday, the Indian currency was 70 paisa cheaper and the paddler was priced at Rs. 76.34(INR) per Dollar.