Travel, tourism and aviation industry provides employment to about 6.2 crore people worldwide. But due to the ongoing lockdown of corona virus, the risk of unemployment of about 25 million people globally has increased. A report in this regard has been issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). According to the report, there is a huge decline in air travel demand due to the lockdown. The aviation industry alone employs 2.7 million people globally.

How many jobs in the region of aviation sector?


Asia Pacific  -11 Lakh
Europe -56 Lakh
Latin America -29 Lakh
North America  -20 Lakh
Africa  -20 Lakh
Middle East  -0.9 Lakh

If we talk about the full-year earnings of airlines, the passenger revenue could fall by 45% in 2020 this year as compared to the previous year due to the lockdown. In such a situation, airlines may have to bear a loss of $ 252 billion in passenger revenue in the year 2020. The upcoming quarter of the year 2077 (2020-21) could be quite bad for the aviation sector globally. During this period, demand can be reduced by around 80 percent.

Seeking government help:
Due to corona virus, more countries of the world have stopped domestic and international flights. In such a situation, the aviation industry is losing crores of rupees every day. That is why the aviation industry has sought financial help with immediate effect. Not only the aviation industry; the Hotel & Tourism industry is also seeking for financial help with their respective country. According to the report, the aviation industry may have to bear a loss of $ 250 Billion in revenue this year.

The Nepal government has done lockdown since 18-days to avoid corona virus and it extended for more days i.e. up to 03rd Baishakh. This is expected to cause a heavy loss for the aviation sector in the country. The aviation sector could suffer a total loss of Rs 33 Lakh crore worldwide. Airlines of the country have good earnings, but due to the lockdown, companies will have to suffer heavy losses this year. According to the report after 18 days of loss, airlines will not be in a position to resume their domestic and international flights correctly. Airlines may change their entire business modules, including the expansion of the fleet, ticket prices in up-coming FY 2077/78 due to losses.

Indian Aviation sector is losing Rs 150 crore daily:

Due to corona virus, the Indian aviation sector is losing more than Rs 150 crore daily. The country operates about 4000 domestic and 500 international flights per day. More than 900 flights operate daily in Delhi alone. The Indian aviation industry is expecting a loss of more than 75 to 80 thousand crores. Due to this, the revenue can also fall by 40%. A DGCA official said that before the Corona crisis a day’s revival of domestic and international flights in the country was around Rs 350-400 crore, which is now half. After expiry, according to the Operation CAPA report, the government has initially done a lockdown of 21 days because of COVID-19. But the rise of this lockdown is being anticipated. If the lockdown continues for three months, the combined losses of the two listed airlines IndiGo and SpiceJet in the fourth quarter of FY 2020 and first quarter of FY 2021 will be around $ 1.25 to $ 1.50 billion. In such a situation, the cash reserves of other small airlines carriers of IndiGo may run out and they may have to stop their work forever.